Ibá publishes booklet on Climate Change

“Climate change has been one of the greatest challenges today. The effects are clear: temperature has increase by 1.02 ° C since the 19th century; Annual average sea level advance of 1,5 mm in the last 100 years; increased frequency of extreme events such as droughts, floods, forest fires and hurricanes; beyond the loss of economic productivity. ”

Thus began the booklet on climate change recently released by the Brazilian Tree Industry. The main cause of the greenhouse effect is the burning of fossil fuels, which contributes to the increase of CO2 concentration, methane and other harmful gases in the atmosphere.

Ibá booklet on climate change

Added to this is the uncontrolled deforestation and the accumulation of garbage in nature that favors changes in climatic patterns worldwide. However, according to Ibá, not everything is lost. Companies such as TRC, which are part of the planted tree sector, have much to contribute to mitigating these socio-environmental problems.

Brazil has almost 8 million hectares of planted trees and 6 million hectares of native forest conserved by this sector in the form of Legal Reserve (RL) and Permanent Protection Areas (APP), as well as other conservation areas. Planted trees, alone, are responsible for sequestering 1.70 billion tons of CO2, while the native ones add to the account 2.48 billion of carbon dioxide withdrawn from the atmosphere.

In addition, many industries are joining renewable energy sources from these companies, such as biomass, which is part of our products. The use of wood in construction, is a sustainable substitute for cement and other products that spend a lot of natural resources to be produced.

The booklet explains in detail the governance of climate change and how the planted trees sector contributes to the fight against global warming. Check here.

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