Teak Resources Company.
Excellence in sustainable teakwood.

For more than 25 years, the management of the Teak Resources Company “TRC” has gained an international reputation through the production of teak in Brazil by developing and managing with the highest standards of ESG what became to be the world’s largest private teak plantation resource.

Through the union of the forestry and supply chain management expertise, it was formed a brand that is already born strong, being considered one of the world’s leading in the forestry industry.

We solidify the credibility and transparency of this journey, maintaining a firm commitment to the sustainability of our operations. This is yet another step in the consolidation of the mission to produce and commercialize teak wood in a sustainable way, maximizing the economic return for all stakeholders.

Our differentials

Biotechnology: Our timber is sourced from genetic outstanding trees of higher productivity and proven quality.

Timber of responsible origin: We only supply wood produced in planted forests, guaranteeing that the wood offered meets the highest standards of responsible forest management.

Quality standardization: Our proper and permanent management of forests contributes to the production of uniform timber. Through the deep knowledge of our customer’s needs and control of the whole supply chain, we assure products are delivered according to the contracted specifications.

Privileged location: The timber we are marketing is cultivated under the best conditions of soil and climate, suitable for large-scale development.

Technology: Know-how from the production of seeds and seedlings, choice of suitable sites, planting, forest management and harvesting until processing, marketing and delivery of the products.

Logistics: Continuous and stable timber supply throughout the year, with scheduled deliveries to favor customers’ cash flow and optimize the supply chain.

Public summary of TRC Pará Forest Management – CLICK HERE