The multiple uses of teak wood

Winning more and more popularity in the market, teak wood is present in several countries of the globe, consolidating as the most durable wood that exists. The natural properties that make teak wood have high resistance to moisture and temperature variations, makes them capable of being transformed into virtually any utility.

Check out some of the many uses of teak wood:

Boat floor made of teak


Some say it was where it all began for teak. It was [and still is] widely used in shipbuilding, given its natural impermeability.

Outdoor furniture made of teak

Outdoor Furniture

If teak is wood to navigate, it is certainly also the best choice for gardens, gourmet spaces, balconies and pools. It can be used as deck, tables, chairs, sun loungers and pilasters, for example.

Interior floor made of teak

Floorings, doors and windows

It is very common to find teak wood in these three formats. Being highly resistant to fungi and parasites, keeping its beauty, it is the darling of designers and architects!

Bottle made of teak

Bottle of water

With teak wood creativity has no limit. They have developed a reusable water bottle, which holds both hot and cold liquids.

Teak sunglasses


And why not use a noble wood as an accessory? The sunglasses brought the teak to the fashion world in style!

Bike made of teak


The bike made with teak wood combines functionality, stamina and elegance. How about touring your condo in one of these?

TRC markets certified teak wood in various formats for the national and international timber industry. Contact our team to know out more.

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