Brazilians receive award for innovative reforestation technology

Bruno Ferrari, Pedro and Bruno Pagnocelli developed a device able to enhance and facilitate large-scale reforestation. The technology, called ‘Nucleário’, has received 4 international awards: the Biomimicry Global Design Challenge, International Design Excellence (United States), BraunPrize (Germany) and RedDot (Singapore) and 2 national awards: IdeaBrasil and Environmental Challenge.

The device came to overcome statistics. It is estimated that almost 30% of tree seedlings die within the first three years after planting. The challenge for producers is to keep it healthy, irrigated and protected from insect attacks and other natural enemies in areas of difficult access and strong solar radiation.

With the ‘Nucleário’ there is no need for labor and monitoring after the planting of seedlings in reforestation sites. It follows a design inspired by the bromeliads, in such a way that the seedlings are planted in the center of the circle. During periods of drought, its shape retains rainwater and releases it slowly evenly, ensuring frequent irrigation. To protect the plant from cutting ants, it has a negative surface, which forms a physical barrier. After the risk phase of the seedlings, the device, made of 100% biodegradable material, begins to decompose in the soil.

The ‘Nucleário’ was initially tested in the Atlantic Forest and is now being tested in the Cerrado, as part of the Water Brazil Program.

In addition to this type of effort, TRC is proud in contribute to the pressure reduction on native forests through the production of sustainable teak wood.

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