Understand the importance of monitoring planted forests

A Brazilian startup innovated by developing a software capable of monitoring the growth of planted forests and measuring carbon sequestration. The control is done in real time through sensors installed in the trunks of the trees, connected by satellite. The Brazilian Tree Industry awarded the initiative, which had already been recognized internationally.

The monitoring of planted forests in TRC’s offices.

The monitoring of planted forests, such as TRC’s teak forests, is critical to tracking tree growth and calculating the best cutting time. The TRC has a team of experts to do this monitoring and ensure that it is developing in a healthy way and in the expected time, receiving the necessary water and nutrients, as well as in the care of any living being, trees need to be constantly monitored.

TRC – Mato Grosso Unit

At TRC the teak trees are grown under the best soil and climate conditions, suitable for large scale development. In this way, we guarantee the continuous and stable supply of wood throughout the year, with scheduled deliveries to favor the customers’ cash flow and optimize the supply chain.

The TRC follows all the news of the forest industry, especially when it comes to technology, something that is part of our DNA. To know more about our work and our products, contact our team!

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