Forest products rise in export ranking

2018 was favorable for Brazil’s forest products market. According to the Ministry of Agriculture, exports of paper, pulp and wood reached US$ 14.2 billion, a 23% growth over 2017.

This result has put the sector in third place in the ranking of agribusiness exports, taking the place of sugar-energy complex, which reached only US$ 7.4 billion, 39% less than 2017. Ahead of the Forest Products is the meat sector, which yielded U $ 14.7 billion, a minimum difference on revenue.

In total, the forestry products sector closed the year of 2018 with a gross revenue of R$ 73.8 billion. Overall, it has generated 3.7 million jobs in Brazil and is expected to receive investments of R$ 19.3 billion until 2022.

“It is a very important sector economically, which accounts for about 6.1% of the Industrial GDP and is responsible for 4.1% of all Brazilian exports” said Paulo Hartung, president of the Brazilian Tree Industry.

“In addition, it is a key segment for the environment, as it removes and stores carbon in its forests, protects biodiversity and conserves 5.6 million hectares in natural areas.” Hartung adds.

TRC has been active in this sector for over 20 years in the national and international market. We are confident that forest products will continue growing in production and demand, especially teak wood!

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