How to develop a successful teak plantation

Despite being the wood used in the construction of many vessels since the Middle Ages, only in the last decades the cultivation of teak for legal commercialization increased. Therefore, public knowledge about Tectona grandis handling techniques and management practices is still limited.

With 25 years of experience in the cultivation of this species, Teak Resources Co. stands out as a supplier of quality teak wood. Technology applied by the company in the field is also very important to ensure the delivery of a consolidated product.

TRC – Teak Tree

TRC uses intelligent software in all of its processes, either in the cadastral control of farms, in operational activities, in the forest inventory and in the future harvest schedule. Systems support decision-making, providing a clear picture of how choices will influence forest development.

TRC uses forest management software

All of these data are integrated into a Business Intelligence (BI) platform that assists in the management of TRC operations, covering the complete cycle of teak planting: genetic and clonal development, land selection and preparation, forest management, sales, processing and logistics.

Showing technology and expertise, Teak Resources Co. is gradually expanding in the market of planted forests, serving international industries, especially in the Southeast Asia.

Teak Resources Co.