66% of Brazil’s natural vegetation is protected, says Embrapa

Statistics from the Brazilian Agricultural Research Corporation (Embrapa) shows that 66% of the natural vegetation in Brazil is under conservation and preservation management. The information was collected from the MapBiomas database, a platform that maps land use in Brazil.

According to the report from the United Nations Environment Program “Protected Planet Report 2016”, Brazil is among the 10 countries with more than 2 million square kilometers of protected territory.

To further enhance this protection, Ibama has entered into a partnership with MapBiomas Network to develop a tool that will supply to environmental control agencies more accurate information on deforestation alerts.

The system, called MapBiomas Alert, will act in all Brazilian biomes as a sort of “sparrow” – a speed radar that photographs the license plate of the infringing vehicle and elaborates a report of the occurrence. It will integrate information from several different deforestation alert systems in Brazil, validating them with high-resolution images.

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