TRC receives representative of the International Tropical Timber Organization

Between October 16th and 17th, the TRC received a visit from Dr. MA Hwan-Ok, from the International Tropical Timber Organization (ITTO), an intergovernmental organization that promotes the conservation of forest resources as well as their sustainable management, use and trade.

The TRC presented its forests and the way it treats its employees, the environment and the plantations, always with respect and care.

The representative expressed admiration for the company’s close contact with universities and professors from different areas, which allows the constant exchange of knowledge and long-term benefits among those involved.

At the time of the visit, Dr. Renato Gonçalves, a professor at the Federal University of Paraná, was training for chainsaw operators, which Hwan-Ok was able to follow.

In addition, he visited the Santa Marta and Pau d’Arco farms, which together hold approximately 13,000 hectares of teak planted forests in a total area of ​​20,000 hectares. Above all, MA Hwan-Ok witnessed the preparation of the soil for the implantation of new forests in the farm Pau d’arco, where about 700 hectares will be planted only this year in old pastures, something that contributes to a more sustainable production, respecting the FSC principles and criteria.

Looking closely at the structure for TRC’s employees and operations, it was possible for it to size the large volume of wood that the TRC owns under its management, as well as to know how we conduct our preservation areas (Legal Reserve and APP), exceeding the expectations.

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