Biomass from Brazillian’s forests can generate energy equal to hydroelectric power

A study by the Institute of Energy and Environment (Iema) revealed that from the use of biomass of planted forests, Brazil has the potential to generate 11.6W per year, equivalent to more than two hydroelectric plants such as Belo Monte.

This renewable energy source would help the country meet two goals set out in the Paris Agreement in 2016, in which 195 nations pledged to take action to mitigate global warming: the goal of planting forests and increasing the use of renewable sources of energy.

TRC’s Biomass

At the time, Brazil promised to set targets for reducing greenhouse gas emissions, expanding the use of alternative energy sources or reforesting 12 million hectares of forests by 2030. However, few actions have been taken so far.

Nonetheless, reforestation companies, such as TRC, make its contribution to the restoration of deforested areas and carbon sequestration. In addition to all this, TRC still produces and markets teak biomass, which is used as a fuel source by various industries and companies.

We believe that with sustainable and ecologically responsible attitudes of each person and institution, it is possible to save our forests, rivers, seas and oceans. Do your part! Contact our team to learn more about teak biomass.

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