The importance of exporting to the economy

Exports in Brazil have grown by 9% in the last year.
Understand why foreign trade is so important to the country.

In the XVIII century, the intellectual David Ricardo created the Comparative Advantage Theory. This concept holds that every country is more productive than another in some specific area of the economy, so the exchange of commodities – export and import – would be beneficial to all nations.

In fact, centuries after this theory, it is possible to clearly see the importance of the commercial exchange between countries in many aspects. For companies, the export impacts on the quality of the product, considering that, in order to export, they need to conform to the standards of other countries, obtaining several certifications to act, which contributes to improve their product and make it more sustainable and competitive in both national and international markets.

Container Ship – Photo: Google Images

For the exporting country, resources obtained in the trade transaction contribute to offset the cost of imports and boost the domestic economy, adding to the Gross Domestic Product (GDP). Therefore, exports benefit the country while promoting monetary movement and contributing to industrial growth, generating employment and income.

Wood loading in ship container – Photo: Teak Resources Co.

TRC is part of this universe, exporting to North America, Europe and Asia. Our products are certified by FSC® – Forest Stewardship Council, produced and marketed following strict quality standards. In addition, our productivity enables us to provide continuous and stable timber supply throughout the year to our customers, with programmed deliveries to favor customer cash flow and to optimize the supply chain.

We are proud of our role in the world economy and of our contribution to the growth and strengthening of the planted forests market of Brazil.

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