Goal to increase 2 million hectares of forests in 10 years is launched by MAPA

The Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Food Supply (MAPA) in December launched the PlantarFlorestas (SeedForests), a plan to increase the area of ​​planted forests by 2 million hectares over the next decade. The goal was established based on an environmental and socioeconomic diagnosis associated to the management and the industrial phase of the sector.

This initiative was motivated by the successive increase in the participation of the sector of planted forests in the Brazilian agribusiness. According to Ibá (Brazilian Tree Industry), Brazil is the first in the ranking of forest productivity, with an average of 35.7m³ of hectares per year. Almost twice the productivity of countries in the northern hemisphere.

TRC – Mato Grosso Unit

“The area with planted forests occupies only 1% of the area of ​​the country, but accounts for 91% of all wood produced for industrial purposes”, reports the association. The cultivated area of ​​forests in the Brazilian territory is approximately 10 million hectares, mainly concentrated in the states of Minas Gerais, Rio Grande do Sul, São Paulo and Mato Grosso do Sul, according to IBGE data mentioned in the statement from MAPA.

“The plan is the result of a process involving various properties, professionals, entities and governing bodies. This work was finalized in the scope of the Sectorial Chamber of the Produced Chain of Planted Forests by a technical group created by the Chamber, coordinated by Embrapa Floresta, which made the work much easier for us”, said the president of the Setorial Chamber, Walter Vieira, according to the statement released by Ministry.

TRC is optimistic about this challenge! Our industry is strong and every year it becomes more important for the national economy, while the teak wood continues to stand out and conquer the market.

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