Perfume is one of the many uses of Teak

Well known brands as Jacques Bogart, Dunhill (Desire Red), Ferrari Light Essence, Hugo Boss (Boss In Motion Blue), Monblanc (Presence) and Chanel (Chance Eau Fraiche Hair Mist) have the presence of teak wood aroma as the main note or background to compose those famous fragrances.

The teak wood adds to the scented compositions a woody and exotic note with smoky scents that resembles leather thanks to its natural resin. Besides the wood, perfumers can profit from the gum, leaves, grains and even from the teak flowers.

Native from the rainforests of Asia, the teak tree has successfully adapted in Brazil, growing with quality in the farms of TRC. What stands out in this species is its natural durability and stability. It has properties that grants resistance to the attack of fungi and insects, also providing protection from the weather effects, like sun, rain and heat.

It is an easy raw material to plan, spin, drill, sanding and gluing. Its drying is slow with the occurrence of few defects. Currently, TRC commercializes teak wood in the form of logs, squares, lumbers and biomass. Get to know our products and services, contact our team, click here.

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