FSC® produces positive environmental impacts

A recent research from the University of Wageningen, Netherlands, has analyzed 31 articles about environmental impacts of the FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council®) in boreal, temperate and tropical forests. The result showed that the actions of the Forest Stewardship Council contributed, mainly, to biodiversity preservation.

Although the impact has been bigger for fauna, flora and ecosystems have also been benefited by the FSC®-certified regions which prevented deforestation of tropical forests. In addition, there was a 31% reduction in atmospheric pollution at these sites between 2000 and 2008.

TRC Certified Wood. Code Licesnce: FSC-C010728

FSC® certification is one of the most widely implemented forest certification system, totaling 195 million certified hectares worldwide. Briefly, it ensures that volunteer forest owners and managers work in accordance with environmental and socioeconomic criteria.

TRC Certified Wood. Code Licesnce: FSC-C010728

TRC is certified by FSC® and all teak wood offered meets the highest standards of responsible forest management.

Our adequate and permanent management of forests contributes to the production of uniform timber, supplying our customers in a continuous and stable manner all year round.

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