Teak Resources Co. official positioning about the Coronavirus

We are following the news daily about the expansion of new Coronavirus (COVID-19) in Brazil and globally. Due to the great impact of this virus, Teak Resources Co. are progressively intensifying new protocols in all of our management, establishing necessary measures to promote the welfare of all TRC employees, suppliers, customers and investors.

The public health issues are the main driver for our actions. We are adapting our routines with the health directive put in place by the relevant local authorities and in consonance global guidelines for dealing with the pandemic during this critical time.

A crisis management committee has been set up within TRC, including specialists in health and human resources area as well as our directors, coordinators and managers in each one of our units in Brazil. This group aims to determine and direct strategies to protect all the people under our control, establishing new protocols for worker’s health and attention for those with special needs.

1. TRC employees were oriented to suspend foreign travel until further notice. Domestic flights are being evaluated case by case, but will be minimal in the short term;

2. Visits, customer or supplier meetings will be made by call, videoconference or electronic message;

3. All employers who can perform their duties remotely will work from home.

4. Office, sawmill factory and teak farms have been provided with extensive information on preventive and control measures for COVID-19 spread through print and digital bulletins, with daily reinforcement by TRC’s team leaders for employees who are located in areas distant from hospital facilities.

The company’s production will continue. Our efforts will be delivered with transparency, one of TRC’s DNA pillars. With confidence that, in this moment of global concern, we will rise stronger and more united than before.

Those are necessary decisions. Any new report from responsible governmental institutions can change this corporate decisions towards the welfare of our social environment.

We are not immune to the effects of this global epidemic. Our company has always held social and environmental responsibility as pillars of our activity, and we do our part to keep this virus under control and allow the public health professionals to focus their efforts on treating people with greater needs.

Our channels of communication are open for all of our stakeholders, and the e-mail below is open for any questions or suggestions: rh@teakrc.com

Directors, Management, Occupational Safety Medicine and Human Resources.
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