Forestry certification and excellence in sustainable teak

FSC® Friday is celebrated in September, which will be partied this year on the 28th. A special date to remind us of the importance of forests and our role in their preservation.

Mindful of this, TRC is always focused on responsible forest management to ensure the healthy growth of its forests, the continuous supply of timber to the market and the prosperity of communities close to our farms.

FSC® Friday Campaign

Each log and lumber commercialized by TRC comes from our planted forests and is certified, so we guarantee that the timber delivered meets the highest standards required by forest certification system, especially by the FSC®.

In addition, our work contributes indirectly to the fight against illegal trade in trees, responsible for the near extinction of the Atlantic Forest and the deforestation of almost 20% of the Amazon.

A struggle in which everyone can do their part, after all, every product purchased with wood certified or manufactured with the FSC® seal contributes to the conservation of natural resources.

Teak Resources Company

Take advantage of that date to rethink your attitudes and the impact your consumption habits can have on the environment. Contributing to the prosperity of fauna and flora is the responsibility of all of us.

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The FSC® – Forest Stewardship Council is a worldwide organization that works with the mission of caring for forests and those who depend on it, protecting species of plants and animals, ensuring that forests around the world are managed responsibly and promoting worker safety among other actions.

Teak Resources Company

Teak Resources Company - Excellence in Sustainable Teak