Trend of teak in outdoor furniture

Teak is increasingly found in outdoor furniture thanks to its resistance to moisture, heat and parasites. In addition, the architecture of Brazilian houses is increasingly tending to large environments, close to nature and on favor of social interaction. Making the home a refuge against the agitated day to day in the cities.

Teak wood in outdoor furniture

Pieces made of teak in the Lloyd Loom style, smooth or even conserving in trunk format are seen in different styles of decoration. This wood has a light brown tone, resembling the honey color, fitting well in both classic and contemporary styles.

On the practical side, furniture made with teak wood requires little maintenance. To maintain the original color, simply polish the surface with a fine sandpaper from time to time, eliminating the oxidized cover from the outside, which tends to approach a greyish color depending on the humidity of the environment. If you prefer not to polish, the piece can be washed with neutral ph soap.

Teak wood in outdoor furniture

TRC sells teak wood in the form of logs, squares and lumbers. The raw material that comes from our sawmill to be transformed into furniture and other utensils for domestic or personal use, is certified by FSC®, obeying all the norms of sustainability from the planting of the seedlings, to the refinement after the final harvest of the adult tree.

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