Team TRC receives training with chainsaws

The TRC operator team received training from LAMEC (Laboratory of Supply and Forest Mechanization) in October, focusing on structuring and safe and profitable handling of chainsaws.

The course was coordinated by Prof. Dr. Renato Robert, who shared his international experience, demonstrating several techniques for cutting and felling trees, in order to define, together with the TRC, which technique best applies to the company’s forests in the current situation.

Prof. Dr. Renato Robert training the TRC’s operators

In addition, at the time, a protective helmet with coupled communicators was tested for the first time in Brazil, allowing communication between employees and their team leader, helping to prevent accidents.

TRC is always investing in training, continuing education and in new technologies that enable the professional growth of its employees, as well as the increase of productivity of the team.

Protective helmet with coupled communicators.

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