Logs, squares, lumbers and biomass. Get to know TRC’s products.

Teak wood is one of the highest quality available hardwoods today. Its natural properties make it resistant to weather variations. Exposure to sun and rain do not damage teak as they would damage other types of wood.

TRC’s teak, especially, comes from legal origin and high quality forest management. Check out the products marketed by the company and its multiple uses:


They come from thinnings and final cuts, sold with different specifications for the sawmills of the region and exported to the whole world, mainly to Asia.

Logs can be used in the creation of rustic outdoor and indoor furniture, pillars, veneer and even masts of ships. After to be processed in a sawmill into planks and lumber can be applied for all kind of teak uses.  After all, thanks to its high resistance to moisture, teak is widely used in shipbuilding.


TRC’s sawn lumber is produced on its own sawmill, which allows us to offer saws cuts of different specifications, according to the customer’s needs. It is ideal for the manufacture of furniture, floorings, decks, wooden artifacts and decorative items in general.


 TRC is a pioneer in the production of teak squares in Latin America. The squares are produced in the TRC sawmill with an internationally recognized liability standard.

It is possible to find squares of teak being used in construction for doors, windows frames, in the composition of decks, floorings and fancy furniture. The high durability of teak wood provides an excellent cost-benefit to the final consumer.


TRC offers biomass in the form of teak and chip wood from processing operations to be used as a renewable energy source. Studies show that the energy generated by the biomass of teak has a higher calorific value compared to the wood of different planted species.

TRC is committed to provide security of supply and timber at competitive costs in both the national and international markets. Get in touch with our team.

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