Advantages of buying products made with teak wood

Teak wood is versatile and can be used for the most diverse purposes: as part of construction, furniture, household utensils, part of the shipbuilding and even for the manufacture of bicycles! But what makes this wood so special? Check it!



Noble Wood
Teak wood is considered a noble wood, due to its high durability, soft aroma, color and resistance. Therefore, it is not difficult to find luxury and innovative items made with teak wood. If you like to follow trends, this is your wood!

Resistance to water
The Teak tree has natural waterproofing properties that make your wood excellent for outdoor use. It is not uncommon to find decks, benches and garden tables made of teak wood. In addition to being moisture resistant, teak is also resistant to light and heat.

The natural properties of Teak wood also make it resistant to pests and other harmful agents, contributing to its durability.

Domestic applications
These properties also make teak wood an excellent tool for kitchen and bathroom utensils. It makes possible an entire wood decoration in these places, from the sink to chopping boards and bowl.

Teak wood is stiffer than many common woods, so it is commonly used as a floor. Even in high-impact locations such as dance floors, aisles, and sports courts, Teak is resistant to impact, reducing the need for maintenance and conserving the look of the place for longer.

Sustainable product
Teak wood marketed by TRC comes from reforestation and sold legally, which indirectly conserves Brazil’s natural resources, helps forest recovery from degraded areas, combats deforestation and illegal trade in native trees.