Teak wood is the right wood for your kitchen. See why.

From cabinets to counters and utensils, the use of wood in kitchen design is once again gaining prominence, as it can be used in almost all styles, from rustic to modern.

Teak wood is stealing the scene, besides being easy to adapt into different formats, it has a natural waterproofing which provides a strong barrier against moisture. Its composition also guarantees protection against heat and parasite attacks.

All those features bring versatility for teak wood to be present in multiple objects. Check out some of them:

Tables and counters

Teak color allows the creation of sophisticated and eclectic pieces. In addition, it has strength and durability.


This decoration applies teak wood in a bold way. But yes, it is possible to create panels of all styles and for different purposes.

Cooking utensils

Teak wood is also used in kitchen utensil designs, creating fine pieces. Try it!

TRC commercializes teak wood in logs, squares and lumbers. Get to know our products!

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