Teak from planted forest has quality similar to natural teak, says study

A study by the International Union of Forestry Research Organizations (IUFRO) analyzed forests from different parts of the world and highlighted strong evidence that teak cultivated has similar quality to trees from natural forests of the same age in terms of density, strength and contraction.

Teak is currently planted in more than 60 tropical and subtropical countries. The success of teak plantations in so many different parts of the world is due to the progress of forest management in improving vegetative material, site selection, soil preparation, planting and maintenance, density management, harvesting operations and use of wood.

However, as “The Global Teak Study Analysis, Evaluation and Future Potential of Teak Resources” points out, to increase the productivity of new and existing plantations and ensure the supply of high-quality wood to satisfy the market, it is necessary to adopt modern and sustainable techniques.

At TRC, teak originates from genetically engineered trees of higher productivity and proven quality. Our forests are grown under the best soil and climate conditions, suitable for large-scale development. Our wood is certified, a guarantee that we meet the highest standards of responsible forest management.

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Photo Credit: Buzz.DML / TRC - Teak Resources Company