Planted forest technique contributes to agriculture recovery

The techniques of planting and cultivating planted forests are helping to recover agriculture in Cerrado, the second largest Brazilian biome. Techniques are being taught to rural farmers through the ABC Cerrado program, developed in a partnership between FIP – Forest Investment Program, the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply (MAPA), Embrapa and the National Rural Learning Service.

The technology of planted forests consists on the planting of fast-growing trees with high carbon sequestration capacity, the latter being a very important aspect to minimize the impacts caused by agriculture, since these practices are responsible for a quarter of the greenhouse gases emissions.

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In addition to the environmental and climatic benefits, farmers are harvesting more and are able to provide more food for livestock so they can be fattened faster.

The ABC Cerrado contributes to the national targets established in the Paris Agreement: to recover more than 15 million hectares of degraded land and to implant 5 million hectares under the integrated forest-animal-husbandry system until 2030.

TRC works exclusively with planted forests, doing its part on restoring degraded or poorly productive areas and indirectly contributing to sequestering CO2 from the atmosphere.

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