Genetic resources and management of teak are closely monitored

The International Tropical Timber Organization (ITTO) and the International Union of Forestry Research Organizations (IUFRO) have conducted a number of researches over the last decades on genetic resources and management of teak in several countries where it is cultivated.

“Natural teak forests have declined and deteriorated. It is therefore important to develop gene conservation programs that cover all parts of the gene pool, as well as to explore, mobilize, and further characterize genetic variation in planted and natural populations for breeding and planting”, says The Global Teak Study, a study released by IUFRO.

In this regard, ITTO has supported projects related to teak with a focus on genetic resource conservation, seed production and sustainable management of natural and planted teak forests in Africa, Asia and Latin America. While IUFRO has a special working group that reinforces socially and environmentally acceptable norms of sustainable forest management to foresters.

With these actions, organizations seek to call attention to the intelligent use and conservation of the genetic heritage of teak, as well as stimulate breeding programs to help species adapt to future climatic conditions.

On TRC, seeds are grown with biotechnology and planted following all sustainable management standards established by regulatory agencies. Our teak wood originates from genetic trees of higher productivity and proven quality.

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