Change of Paradigm: Wood using is good for the environment

Contrary to what it seems, opting for wood products can be very beneficial to the environment as long as they are products with certification label and sold legally.

Currently, most of the legally traded products come from planted forests. Forests that were created by corporations, with the consent of the government, in degraded environments or without vegetation. This restoration of the environment contributes to carbon sequestration, conservation of biodiversity and rivers, while protecting native forests.

According to the Brazilian Tree Industry (Ibá), forests planted in Brazil are of exotic species such as eucalyptus, pine and teak or native, such as araucaria and paricá. They are cultivated following sustainable management plans, which reduces environmental impacts and promotes the economic and social development of neighboring communities.

TRC is one of these restoration corporations. Following the norms of sustainable management, we plant teak trees in several regions of Brazil where we have farms. We offer quality timber to supply the national and international industry and, at the same time, we contribute to the environment and to inhibit the illegal raw material trade, taking its space in the market.

So do not be afraid to buy wood products. Just remember to request the tax coupon and ask the marketer about the certification label of the goods purchased.