Brazilian environmental policies prioritize reforestation

In the climate of the Paris Agreement, the Ministry of Environment (MMA) of Brazil and the Amazon Cooperation Treaty Organization (ACTO) reaffirmed at a meeting on 13 April in Brasilia, that its efforts prioritize forest restoration and sustainability in Amazon. According to the executive secretary of the MMA, Carlos Klink, in addition to combating illegal

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The evolution of conscious consumption of water in the Trees Planted sector

Cultivation of trees planted is directly linked to the conservation of rivers and biodiversity, besides contribute to carbon sequestration and protect native forests. Therefore, companies of the sector, as Floresteca, adopt the most advanced techniques of planting and land use. The technology, genetic improvement and the enhancement of techniques made it possible triple the forest
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Know five essential lessons about the environment on Federal Constitution

Was just in the middle of 1970 that environmental preservation in Brazil won highlight, thanks to the union of some people who defended the needed of include the subject of environmental on society discussion.   In the next decade, with a democratic country increased environmental non-governmental organizations and led to new proposals for environmental preservation.
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