What is and what is the importance of Forest Certification

The Forest Certification consists of auditing the entire production chain of companies in the forest-based sector that will volunteer to the process. The accredited certifiers verify that the forests are following certain international standards that assure a management aligned to the principles and criteria of social, economic and environmental responsibility, as well as the traceability of the products coming from these forests.

Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) is the most credible international forest certification system and the only one that equally incorporates the interests of social, environmental and economic groups.

For the producers, the Forest Certification is market guarantee, improvement of the company image, improvement of the economic, environmental and social management and engagement with the surrounding communities. For resellers, it is guarantee of origin, market recognition, socio-environmental responsibility and safety. For consumers, it is also a guarantee of origin and the possibility of choosing a 100% responsible product, thus making them transforming agents of society.

Forest Stewardship Council® license code: (FSC-C010728).
Look for FSC® certified products.

Important Note:
TRC’s Biomass is not part of the certified products by the Forest Stewardship Council®