TRC’s Young Apprentice Program prepares young people for the labour market

In this semester, TRC began the Young Apprentice program, whose main objective is to prepare youth from 14 to 24 years for the labour market. Recruitment was carried out mainly in state and municipal schools, extending to higher education institutions. The selected apprentices were divided into the areas of purchasing, HR, IT, administrative, forestry and export.

They will have a workload of 20 hours a week, in the predefined period of one year. They will also participate in a continuing education program through distance education offered by the Social Assistance Union (USA) in Mato Grosso and by the National Rural Learning Service (SENAR) in Pará, so that they can expand their knowledge in different areas.

During the learning of their tasks, the youth will be closely monitored by a coordinator and by the sector manager, who will contribute to their professional development.

From the point of view of the apprentices, experiencing and practicing what they learn simultaneously in the educational institution and at work adds value both emotionally and professionally to the satisfaction of becoming members of the TRC team. In addition, they know that acting as a young apprentice is the initial step for preparing those who seek to claim an effective position in the company.