Partnership between TRC and school promotes environmental and food awareness

For the second year in a row, TRC is dedicated to environmental awareness and food for children in communities close to its farms. This year, the work is being developed at the Municipal School Buriti, in the district of Vila Aparecida, in Cáceres-MT, Brazil.

Through the “School Garden Project, Cantinho Ecológico ‘Tô Dentro!’”, The children re-signified recyclable materials, using PET bottles and tyres to create a small vegetable garden that will be used in the school lunch menu.

This year, the garden was planted with the TRC team help, which will monitor its growth in the coming months along with students and educators. The goal of the program is to encourage healthy eating in students through interaction with land and food.


The Municipal School Buriti is located 50 km from the center of Cáceres and has 250 students enrolled. The elementary school teachers, together with the school board, started the “Cantinho Ecológico” in 2016.

In June of this year, TRC was invited to participate in the planning and official opening of this important initiative, which happened on July 8. Participated in the action the departments of Personnel Management, Administrative Management, Research Coordination, Environment and voluntary employees.

The TRC aims to maintain an open channel of communication with the community, taking pertinent information about planting processes, healthy eating and sustainable consumption. This is another way to contribute to a greener world.