How to take care for teak outdoor furnitures

Despite being strongly resistant to sun, heat, moisture, bacteria, fungi and insects, as we mentioned in the post about the advantages of buying products made with teak wood, some care is essential for your furniture to last for years on end. A simple measure for those who have furniture in outdoor areas of farms, summer
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Partnership between TRC and school promotes environmental and food awareness

For the second year in a row, TRC is dedicated to environmental awareness and food for children in communities close to its farms. This year, the work is being developed at the Municipal School Buriti, in the district of Vila Aparecida, in Cáceres-MT, Brazil. Through the “School Garden Project, Cantinho Ecológico ‘Tô Dentro!’”, The children
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When teakwood is the right choice for you

Unlike what many people may think, the same type of wood can be used for a variety of applications, not just one, like just for the structure, only for the outdoor area or just for the floor. This versatility makes the choice of wood for a project a little confusing. There are many varieties of
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Advantages of buying products made with teak wood

Teak wood is versatile and can be used for the most diverse purposes: as part of construction, furniture, household utensils, part of the shipbuilding and even for the manufacture of bicycles! But what makes this wood so special? Check it! Noble Wood Teak wood is considered a noble wood, due to its high durability, soft
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How to care for Teak wood flooring indoors

Hardwood flooring can give both elegance and sophistication to the environment as well as that sense of comfort and protection that rustic places usually go through. Everything will depend on the decoration and structure of the property. However one thing is clear: no matter what your style, taking care of the right way of your
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What says the Forestry Code and why we should follow it?

The Brazilian law 12.651/2012, named Forestry Code, establishes norms and criteria for protection of native vegetation in two types of areas: Permanent Preservation Area (PPA) and Legal Reserve Area. In addition to addressing forest exploration and other issues involving the human interaction with forests. The Permanent Preservation Area has the function of preserving environmentally fragile
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Ministry of Environment calls attention to increased forest fires

In eight months, the National Institute for Space Research (INPE), a research unit of the Ministry of Science, Technology, Innovation and Communications (MCTIC), registered more than 53 thousand outbreaks of forest fires and fire, corresponding to an increase of 65 % In relation to the previous year. A video produced by the Ministry of the
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See why Rural Environmental Cadastre is important

In 2012, the government instituted all owners to register their rural property in the CAR (Rural Environmental Cadastre). The objective is to form a database with environmental information of the rural properties, which will provide better control, monitoring, environmental and economic planning and combat deforestation. The registration can be done until December 31, 2017, through
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Check what says the 2016 report of the Brazilian Industry trees

Each year, the Brazilian Industry trees (IBA) issues a report on all aspects involving the forest sector, using as a basis the companies that are associated with it. Among the main positive points, is the growth of the sector ahead of the economic crisis that Brazil faced in 2015. Forest GDP grew by 3% compared
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Planted Forests and socioeconomic factors

Currently, Brazil is in 7th place in the ranking of countries with more areas of planted forests in the world. According to 2015 data, there are about 7 million hectares reforested, while the United States has 25 million and China 77 million. Despite the difference when compared to other countries, the forest sector was the
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