Inspire yourself in Rodrigo Hilbert: how to build a wooden house for your children

Recently, an article that the Brazilian actor Rodrigo Hilbert himself built a wooden house for his children on the family farm echoed on internet. The idea is really a great way to distract the kids and create a safe environment to play with and let the imagination flow.

So we’ve come up with some tips on how you can make a wooden house or even a treehouse for your kids. The construction is very simple and requires few equipment: saw, drill, nails, hammers and other simple tools of joinery, and of course the most important element: wood.

It is recommended that the houses be built with thick hardwoods to provide more stability and safety for children. Teakwood can be easily used for this purpose.

If you opt for a tree house, it is also important to pay attention to the tree chosen. Make sure it has no termites and other parasites that can infest the house and weaken the structure. Ideally, it has thick trunks, strong branches and deep roots. So, avoid very young trees.

Let your children participate in planning and see how children’s creativity takes shape. From the choice of color and decoration to additional details such as a built-in swing, a slide and even an ingenious mechanism to climb and descend stuffs. There are many accessories you can add in the house to make it even more fun.

In the WikiHow site there is a step by step for the construction of the wooden house. See more below:

1. Find a spot for your fun building.

Choose a space that can comfortably house your toy house. Prefer outdoor environments.

2. Gather your materials.

Make a floor plan of your house, or estimate the amount of wood that will be used in the process. You will need some tools, such as a circular saw (or saw), a drill, a level, a square, a hammer, etc. Consider what tools you will use in your building project;

3. Build the base.

To build the base of the house, mount a wooden structure and cover with reinforced wooden boards. This way you build a safe platform for your children to play.

4. Build the structure of the little house.

To raise the walls of the house, you must first build a stable structure.

5. Attach the frame to the base of the house.

Start from the back wall. Use several galvanized screws for good support. Then fasten the sides. The last part of the structure to be fixed to the base should be the front part.

6. Build the roof.

First, construct a frame: then cover it with wooden lumber.

7. Fix the walls of the little house.

With wooden lumber, build the side walls of your toy house.

8. Finalize your toy house.

At this point, the entire construction process is over. Now, you can give the finishing touches to your little house: paint, add the little curtains, and even the little furniture inside.

Foto: Facebook Rodrigo Hilbert, WikiHow