Find out what your style of decorating with wood

It is common for personal tastes and preferences to have more than one style. However, the secret of a lovely decoration is to choose the one that will prevail and to plan the main pieces that will confer that essence to the place.

See below the characteristics of the furniture of wood in the different styles of decoration and count with which you identify more.

Rustic style

In this style, wood predominates. It was born in the farms and in the country houses and is very used by those who want to create a place that refers to nature. They are solid wood furniture and aged, with no remarkable details. Trunk pieces and laminate flooring are also used in decorating this style. The predominant colors are earthy and off-white tones.

Classic style

In a way, the rustic is also part of the classic style, expressed in pieces of wood of great proportions. However, the classic furniture feature is in the details. They are tables with shapely feet and sharp curves, high back chairs with striking carvings and carved glass cabinets. Neutral colors and pastels are used in the classic.

Retro style

As its name implies, this style brings objects characteristic of past times, that often come to the present with new meaning, such as dressing tables, antique televisions that have seen aquariums and decorative telephones. The furniture is long, with rounded shape and feet sticks. Vibrant colors are striking in the retro.

Vintage style

Unlike the retro style that gives a knew meaning to old objects, the vintage style is the old style itself. Here, every piece of furniture and utensil inherited from your grandparents can be used in exactly the same way as it had been years ago.

Oriental style

This style is the translation of tranquility and harmony, defined by low furniture and colorful prints. Here minimalism reigns, resulting in ample places, with few pieces and quite sobriety. Dark colors blended with vibrant colors make the oriental style.

Industrial Style

The proposal of this style is to refer the environment to an old factory. You will find bare walls and furniture in dark colors. However, the charm of the industrial is in the reuse of objects. An antique closet can turn bed, drawers can turn shelves and decks can turn television stand. Just give wings to creativity.