How to care for Teak wood flooring indoors

Hardwood flooring can give both elegance and sophistication to the environment as well as that sense of comfort and protection that rustic places usually go through. Everything will depend on the decoration and structure of the property.

However one thing is clear: no matter what your style, taking care of the right way of your teak wood flooring is imperative for durability and beauty. The good news is that it does not take much effort to conserve the flooring, just follow the tips that we will follow and always be aware of objects that can scratch or stain the wood. It is also important to make sure the flooring is sealed properly.


The correct brooms for use on hardwood flooring are soft, with fine bristles. Other types of brooms may end up scratching the floor. In case of large stains or dirt that is difficult to get out, you can use a hard sponge with a bit of neutral soap, but be careful not to overdo the amount as it can damage the wood.

To avoid wear, a good option is to put mats at all points of access to the place with teak wood flooring. Also make sure all furniture has anti-scratch protection on your bases.

It is recommended that the teak be sanded every two years of use with a 120 grit sandpaper so the wood will continue to look brand new. However, get help from a specialist in this process, he will know the right way to sanding without ruining the wood.

Do not rub the flooring with hard bristle brushes as this can seriously damage it. Never use household products such as detergents with ammonia or bleach, they can corrode and soften the material, as well as remove the natural protection oil from the wood and make it much more susceptible to damage.

In teak also the use of protective oils is not recommended, since they penetrate deep into the fibers of the wood and can damage their joints.